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Garage door

Protect your beloved car in style by installing a garage door. That can protect cars from all weather conditions, both sunny and rainy Reduce the risk of animals entering the engine area, and may cause engine failure. The FES garage doors have a variety of patterns, sizes, and colors for you to choose from.

Prices start at just 59,000 baht, including installation fees *

* This is the price for the site with conditions specified by the company.

FES products meet international standards.

zyro-image (2)_edited.jpg

Tested and certified by TÜV in accordance with the directive

zyro-image (1)_edited.jpg

The product has been certified by Conformite Europeenne. tested and found in compliance with the European Directives.

Reasons to use FES automatic garage doors

1. There are many styles for customers to choose from.

We have the color and texture of the leaves. in a variety of options ready to meet the needs of customers

Garage door เว็บ-02(1)_edited.jpg
Garage door เว็บ-05_edited.jpg

4. The seam of the leaf is a pinch-prevention system.

Our leaf joints are pinch-proof. That is the European standard for garage door leaves.

2. Increase the safety of your car.

Whether it's sun, dust or small animals. This will no longer be a problem when using our garage doors. And also safe with people by sticking Photocell 


5. There are many sizes to choose from.

We can do a variety of sizes. can be adjusted according to the size according to the customer's job site to meet the needs of different customers perfectly


3. Installed by highly experienced team

We only use the company's installation technician team, no outsource to hire outsiders to install. Therefore can be confident in the installation standards.

Garage door เว็บ-04_edited.jpg

6. Can be used with smart home systems

Our garage doors can be operated via mobile phone with Wifi system for more convenience for customers.

Example of work

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